Liberating great leadership​

Rachel Doogue is an Executive and Team Coach. She coaches leaders and teams to help their development and career progression. Rachel believes that great leadership is something that you find inside of you by being more of, not less of, yourself. Her clients liberate themselves to do their best work. They accept discomfort and relish the challenge of achieving personal and professional growth in highly complex environments.

Civil Service & Public Sector

Rachel helped me to realise realistic and worthwhile targets for my first year in my new role. Rachel takes you on a journey of discovering yourself and what works best for you and draws out the positives and helps you map out a way forward through sometimes difficult issues. Coaching is an opportunity for some time out and self reflection that's difficult to do sitting at the desk.​
Assistant Secretary
Civil Service

Corporations & SMEs

Rachel helped me set out very clear objectives and identified what success would look like. This involved setting out a 100-day plan, which was very effective for me. Rachel helped me transition from being a CFO to CEO. Coaching allowed me time to step back from the business and gain clarity on the key priorities. It enabled me to perform at my best and deliver results for the company.​
Real Estate, Corporate​

Education Sector

I found a more efficient way of working. It has lead me to a clearer picture of what I want to achieve and an understanding that the team wants to be invested in projects & lead at times. It took the guilt out of asking as I knew they really wanted to run with an idea rather that just doing as a favour for me.
Primary Principal
CSL Principal Coaching

Rachel encourages leaders and leadership teams to draw on their own thinking and resources, rather than feeling that the expertise has to come from elsewhere. She empowers them to develop their own personal resilience so that they can take action to deal with challenges. Clients working with Rachel have found this approach very helpful in understanding how to best use their individual strengths and overcome personal stumbling blocks to:

Rachel has a strong understanding of the commercial, political and cultural setup of organisations. Her breadth of experience in both the private and public sectors over thirty years is a significant asset in adapting to the culture, style, personality, challenges and goals of individuals and teams.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but powerful beyond measure
Marianne Williamson