Niamh Tokins

Coaching Experience

Niamh is an experienced Executive Coach who has supported the CSL Coaching programme since 2018. Niamh understands the demands on school principals and deputy principals differ from school to school and clients value the approach of identifying their strengths, how to consciously play to them and exploring potential stumbling blocks and what options they have to overcome them. Niamh has a particular interest in helping principals & deputies develop skills of assertiveness and managing conflict, important when having difficult conversations that are part of the role of being a school leader.

During the pandemic, Niamh has worked with school leadership teams building personal resilience, gaining powerful insights into managing to ensure wellbeing. Other important themes in the school environment have been Navigating Change & Resistance, Managing Workloads & Managing Performance.

Niamh also supports newly appointed or acting principals transitioning to new roles, principals preparing for retirement and interview preparation for deputies preparing for the next step.
Her coaching style is empathetic, respectful, probing & humorous with a practical focus on achieving real change in the workplace and building self-confidence. One of Niamh’s key assets is to connect quickly with people, allowing clients the space for reflection, in a trusting environment, helping them to draw on their own resources to develop the best approach to workplace challenges, integrating the use of psychometrics as appropriate. She has also worked with school leadership teams (Principals, Deputy Principals, AP1 & AP2 posts) to help gain greater clarity on team purpose, roles & responsibilities, school priorities and better ways of working together.

Niamh’s career over the last 25 years has focused on Individual & Team Coaching, Leadership Development, Human Resources, Recruitment & Talent Management.

Niamh’s clients include: School Principals; People Leaders in Revenue; Fáilte Ireland; Dublin Airport and other public & private sector organisations. 

Niamh has great insight into how organisations work. She has a wealth of resources that she tailored to my specific needs. I really enjoyed and got so much out of our coaching sessions. They were invaluable to me as a new principal and really guided me through my first year of principalship.

I worked with Niamh to analyse problems and work through them. I realised that being a principal is a lot about managing people and people follow certain patterns of behaviour for various reasons. The coaching really helped me with how to respond to and manage the grown-ups i.e, staff and parent issues.

Niamh’s sessions were motivating and engaging and questions were posed which I could reflect on. We did face to face sessions as well as Zoom during lockdown and both worked very well. I felt very reenergised and positive at the end of each session and had loads of ideas and material to focus on.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Certificate in Team Coaching, Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching (TCMP)
  • Thinking Partnership (Time to Think)
  • National Diploma of Human Resources Mgmt (NCIR)
  • Post Grad Dip in Marketing Management (COMAD)
  • BA Hons French & Politics (UCD)
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools: Level A & B in Occupational Personality & Ability Assessment (British Psychological Society)
  • 360 Degree Feedback & Planning; Emotional Capital Report (Roche Martin)
  • TEiQ (Trait Emotional Intelligence)
    Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC)

Fiona McKeever

Coaching Experience

Fiona McKeever is an experienced Executive Coach and solicitor, including 12 years (2007-2018) as a partner in Arthur Cox. She retired from legal practice in 2018 to focus on coaching.

Of particular interest to Principals and Deputies is her wealth of expertise and interest in working with newly appointed managers or leaders, and with individuals assigned new responsibilities or portfolios. Transition from peer to manager/leader can be a challenging time and existing relationships often require re-evaluation. A new leader may inherit a team and culture which no longer works or is appropriate. Conflict and the need for difficult conversations may arise. These career transition challenges are often accompanied by a dip in individual confidence and Fiona enjoys working with her clients to explore and re-discover their confidence.
Fiona has worked with many leaders (CEOs, MDs and Partners) during the challenging times of Covid-19.

Through coaching Fiona has supported them to have more impact with key stakeholders, optimising the skills and talents of the team around them, confidently having difficult conversations, motivating and communicating with teams, and developing personal resilience.

Her coaching philosophy is one that respects the knowledge, skills and experience that have already brought her clients success. Every client has a different story and she believes all this prior learning and experience should be accessed through the coaching process.
Fiona’s clients appreciate the non-judgmental environment within which they can safely express their goals, objectives, thoughts and feelings which may otherwise remain unspoken. They say that coaching has given them the space to untangle their thoughts and recognise unhelpful assumptions or beliefs that may have held them back. This process has, in turn, created energy and agency to focus on solutions and action.

Working with Fiona provided me with a safe space to speak honestly about the daily challenges that I encounter in my role and to reflect on my practice. Fiona really listened and provided advice, which helped me change my perspective on my current situation. She supported me in putting strategies in place to manage my workload while also developing my leadership skills. I would highly recommend coaching to all school leaders.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching (TCM)
  • Certificate in Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DIT/ Law Society of Ireland)
  • Solicitor admitted to Roll of Solicitors in Northern Ireland and Ireland, 1999 and 2000
  • B (Queen’s University of Belfast)
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools: Insights Discovery and Lumina Spark psychometrics
  • Member of the Association for Coaching (AC)
  • Law Societies of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Hannah Carney

Hannah Carney

Coaching Experience

Hannah has been a practicing executive coach since 2001; when she transitioned from being a Partner in a major Dublin law firm practicing in the area of dispute resolution, to focus on ‘the people side’ of the firm’s business. In her role, she led out the development and integration of initiatives, approaches and strategies to actively encourage talent, skills and practice group team thinking and performance.

As an independent executive coach, mentor, facilitator and practicing mediator since 2008; Hannah has a particular interest in listening well to understand situations for leaders in their roles and situational context. Her aim is always to encourage and facilitate a leader’s best independent thinking; in a manner that creates possibilities for progress, and learning. Hannah’s team approach also puts the creation of possibilities at the centre – with a focus on relationships, respecting and utilising difference and communicating effectively for best outcomes – and progress.

In her work with individuals and teams across a range of industry sectors, Hannah has built a reputation for creating connection and understanding with her clients quickly, to enable them to best position their own strengths and potential. She encourages her clients to develop their own capability to think creatively, to listen deeply to generate possibilities and to trust the combination effect of collective thinking – and activities.

Hannah’s coaching style is warm, realistic and practical. She partners with her clients to enable a shared understanding of the human responses to change that present, in both thinking and behaviours. Once understanding is created – ideas and fresh thinking emerge.

Hannah’s clients range across professional services; legal, financial and consulting, healthcare, the not for profit and creative arts sectors. She is very much looking forward to learning about the education sector and contributing, in service of the development of leadership and team potential.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching (TCMP)
  • Certified Coach & Facilitator ( Time to Think)
  • Certificate in Team Coaching (Team Coaching Studio)
  • Accredited Dale Carnegie International Skills Trainer
  • Admitted to Practice Law: High Court of NSW, Australia
  • Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors: Law Society of Ireland
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools including: Prophet’- Snr Mgt Team and individual Leadership Psychometric; Emotional Capital Team Facilitation & Emotional Capital Report (ECR) (Roche Martin)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching (AC)

Aideen O'Reilly

Coaching Experience

Aideen is an accredited Executive and Leadership Coach with prior experience of designing, building and leading teams and delivering sustainable results in complex organisations such as the NTMA, NAMA and Coca Cola. Formerly a senior executive and legal professional her leadership objective was always to develop high levels of trust, accountability, collaboration, confidence and performance in her teams using a coaching and mentoring approach.

Aideen focuses on both the practical issues and challenges of the leader’s day-to-day role but also on possibility, growth and change. She provides a safe, creative and supportive space away from the day-to-day pressures so clients can reflect and think and move forward, critical to principals and deputies.

Recent 1:1 coaching in the public and private sector includes working with a leader on the nature of organisational leadership, building personal resilience and balance and formulating long term objectives; providing maternity leave coaching to women and their line managers to support continued career progression, encouraging open and honest communication and team/business continuity; coaching the head of a start-up business unit, as a technical expert now in a senior management role working on leadership and communication styles, EQ, stakeholder management and influencing inside and outside the organisation.

Aideen provided team coaching to a cohort of principal officers to support the development of skills and competencies including challenges of managing remote teams due to Covid-19, training and mentoring, improving team effectiveness and delegation, building peer group consensus around a change project and restructure.

Aideen’s goal is to support clients to find their own style of effective leadership, a way of being that supports them in dealing with the core challenge of leadership, understanding what makes people tick and how to get the best from them and for them, while delivering on organisational objectives.


Aideen helped me bring clarity and a fresh perspective to the responsibilities and boundaries of my role and helped me navigate tricky political issues.

I learned so much, both about myself, how I was managing and interacting with people, how I could improve my approach and style and how to still be myself.

Aideen validated and empathised with what I was finding difficult and provided the support, encouragement, positivity and wisdom to hang in through the short-term pain to get the long term results.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching (TCMP)
  • Certificate in Team Coaching (Team Coaching Studio)
  • Thinking Partnership (Time to Think)
  • Diploma Company Direction (IoD)
  • Accredited Mediator (CEDR); BCL (UCD); LLM (QUB); Solicitor
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools: Emotional Capital Report (Roche Martin)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching (AC)
Rachel Doogue Executive Coach sitting and smiling

Rachel Doogue

Coaching Experience

As a coach, Rachel has supported over 50 primary and post-primary principals and 15 ISM teams. Rachel understands that every school and individual is different, and she is committed to supporting principals to be authentic and effective as leaders by being more of, not less of, themselves.

Principals working with Rachel have found this approach very helpful in understanding how best to use their individual strengths and shift personal stumbling blocks to effectively influence, negotiate, motivate, implement change, manage complex stakeholders, enjoy work, and have a rich life outside it.

Team coaching is very liberating for ISM teams. Rachel creates a psychologically safe environment for important conversations and applying new skills to achieve significant results for schools.

Workplace resilience is an area of particular passion for Rachel, developing capacity to adapt to daily pressures and thrive in situations, which can be difficult or seemingly impossible.

Rachel’s style is to really listen and encourage her clients to draw on their own thinking and resources. For many, coaching provides a unique space to step back and think, to talk out what’s in their head in order to find the best way forward.

Her clients include leaders and teams in Government Departments, County Councils, State Bodies, School Governance Bodies, Irish and international companies.

Rachel worked previously in assessment, development and recruitment across the public and private sector.


I found the way Rachel questioned me and scaffolded me on the journey to finding my own solutions to be the most helpful.

I have developed self-confidence in many aspects of the role that I found challenging. Rachel is an extremely capable, pleasant coach who respects confidentiality.

I loved the way Rachel made us comfortable enough that all management were able to speak in a free and open manner, building trust.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching (TCMP)
  • Facilitator & Thinking Partner (Time to Think)
  • Certificate in Team Coaching (Team Coaching Studio)
  • Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC)
  • Certification in Occupational Personality and Occupational Ability (British Psychological Society
  • Certified in 360° Feedback, Competency-Based Interviewing (SHL Group)
  • Diploma in Human Resources (NCI)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree (UCD)
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools with individuals and teams, including the Emotional Capital Report ECR (Roche Martin), OPQ and MQ (SHL)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching (AC) and CIPD

Patrick Boland

Coaching Experience

For over fifteen years, Patrick has provided coaching, team coaching, training and leadership consulting to companies such as Google, Accenture, Microsoft, LEGO, AIB, Unilever and Salesforce, in Ireland, Europe and the US. In addition, from his time as a teacher, SPHE Coordinator, Assistant Pastoral Coordinator and Guidance Counsellor at post-primary school level in Dublin, he has first-hand understanding of the nuanced role and responsibilities of school leaders within an Irish context.

While working with school leaders, Patrick seeks to help them:

  • Be relationship oriented, self-reflective and authentic in how they lead
  • Focus on building trust and intrapersonal resilience
  • Facilitate leadership conversations that result in leaders and their teams taking more responsibility for their behaviours and how they lead together
  • Have a clear focus on connecting with deeper purpose, both individually and within the school community
  • Embrace the interconnected complexities of school leadership, where the focus is on understanding patterns rather than ‘fixing problems’ or finding over-simplistic solutions


A common area of coaching focus for Patrick is that of leadership transitions, from new leaders (the first 100 days to 1 year) to helping experienced leaders transition into a new role while identifying, and often mentoring, the next generation of leaders.

Navigating the challenges of an increasingly VUCCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, chaotic and ambiguous) environment, Patrick helps school leaders to focus on their values, identity, leadership style and personal purpose. With this insight, they can draw deeply from their inner resources and provide the sense of stability and trust that will most benefit their school leadership team, wider staff and student community.

Much of Patrick’s coaching draws on his work as a psychotherapist and mindfulness trainer, where he helps leaders reflect on their own resilience; the resources they have and their ongoing needs for self-care.


During our coaching sessions, Patrick was challenging and provocative in a very understated manner! With regard to some of the leadership challenges I am facing, Patrick equipped me to address these through a series of tools and self-reflections, leaving me with greater clarity about my leadership strengths and those areas I need to work on.

Patrick has been a great influencer in almost a leap frog in my life. Not only he has helped me to deep dive once again in my values, personality, life purpose, but also widened my perspective to unleash my true potential, my true self as a leader. Hence I strongly recommend Patrick for those who would like themselves and their teams to be at their best!’

There are precious few thought leaders who truly understand the increasing necessity for emotional intelligence in corporate leadership. Patrick's background and skillset uniquely qualifies him to both speak and coach into this area, which is a crucial learning area for many executives.'

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching (TCMP)
  • Certified Mindfulness Trainer with The Mindfulness Exchange, an offshoot of the Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry
  • MSc in Guidance & Counselling (DCU)
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (IICP)
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Theological Studies (NUI Maynooth)
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education (TCD)
  • Certification in Occupational Personality and Occupational Ability (British Psychological Society)
  • BComm International (UCD)
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools with individuals and teams, including the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), Belbin Team Roles, Enneagram and MBTI
  • Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC)
  • Member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).

Georgina Corscadden

Coaching Experience

Georgina has worked as an Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Management Trainer for over 30 years in the Irish public sector across every government department, some agencies, and the EU commission. She has a unique understanding of the pressures and challenges faced by those looking to make a difference in delivery of public services in Ireland.

Georgina’s approach is personable, warm and pragmatic but grounded in academic theory and positive psychology. Georgina aims to be the chief champion and chief challenger for all her clients enabling them to be authentic leaders by realising their own strengths. She has an extensive library of resources to assist and support.

By creating reflective space and unconditional regard, she works to align the right approach, tools and prompts to her client’s particular challenges, personality preferences and context. She enables access to strengths, potential blind-spots, using personality preferences such as emotional intelligence, CBT, Olympian/Military techniques etc., to further enhance self-awareness growth and confidence building.

A strong advocate for education and supporting Principals in their leadership journey, Georgina is experienced with Principals through IPPN leadership programmes, St. Patricks (DCU), school management teams and boards, and three sisters-in-law who are all Principals.

Skilled at doing the heavy-lifting for you, by providing pragmatic and easily accessible tools, that can be used in ‘real-time’. Georgina invests in helping you select what you need when you need, when you need it, to be successful as yourself, and as a leader. This may be aligning your communication style to influence effectively, navigate conflict or challenging conversations, building confidence, resilience, personal effectiveness, life-work balance, or her favourite – ‘tools for silencing’ the negative internal critic etc.

Clients include Leaders/managers/teams across the public sector in all Departments, EI, Fáilte Ireland, HIQA, IAA, DAA, Cross border & Cross Dept Women Leadership, BBC, FB.


Georgina is an expert in her field of executive and leadership coaching. She takes you on a self-reflective and insightful journey in a confidential, non-judgemental, professional and supportive manner. I would highly recommend taking that journey with her.

Georgina has a fundamental integrity and humanism to her style and what she gives to her coachee is authentic. She demonstrates a genuine warmth and she cares greatly about her coachees. She is not shy of challenging and I can vouch for that, but done in an insightful way.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Master Accredited Coach
  • Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Master Trainer
  • MBA BSc Psychology
  • Diploma Business
  • Certification in Occupational Personality and Occupational Ability (British Psychological Society)
  • Certified in a range of psychometric tools with individuals and teams, including MBTI, EQi ECR 360, Purpose Diagnostic, MBTI, Purpose Team profile, Belbin Team Roles.
  • Member British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Member BPS Coaching Group
  • BPS Member Occupational Psychology Group
  • Accredited Master Coach and Member for the Association for Coaching (AC)
  • Member International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Fellow IITD and IMCI
  • Member CIPD and MCIM